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Customer Care & Casino

Casino Gourmet for… Customer Care trainings!      

Ocio Vital has years of experience in Customer Care and Service Orientation; we propose you an ideal complement for your trainings

The pleasure of Tasting, the exhilarating world of Casinos, the satisfaction of learning while having fun…

Our Casino Gourmet is the perfect solution. A fun way to make the co-workers from different departments or cities meet, creating a team working experience and, on top of it, to put in practice the customer care skills previously learned in a relaxed atmosphere.

This is our Casino Gourmet, where our croupiers often go through the most diverse situations…

Do you want to put your team on the test: their capacity of response, body language, instant pacification ability,  problem resolution skills and attitude against new situations?

The participants of the game will act as croupiers; their own colleagues will put them through different contexts and they will have to succeed by satisfying the customer without losing their smile… or breaking the bank!

A fun, easy and useful tool which will allow the trainers to draw conclusions, weaknesses and strengths and opportunities for improvement by the results of the role plays from both sides –croupier and customer-.

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  • Games

    • The Caviar Game

      Blind tasting of 5 types of Caviar and Fish Roe from different countries of the world. Taste their intense, creamy and rich flavor…there is no rush.  Delight with their evolving unctuosity. With the help of our expert, would you guess where they are from

    • el-juego-del-color

      The Game of the Colors of Wine

      Are you able to recognize the right combination of colors of the wines masked in black opaque glasses? White, red o rose. Which one is it

    • Casino & Food Table, Cata de quesos, Cheese Tasting

      The Cheese Tasting Game

      Make a blind tasting of cheese, on a choice of the possible answers in front of you, make a bet!! The possibilities are endless: goat, cow, and sheep cheese from all over the world

    • catas

      The Wine Game

      Make a blind taste of a wine, while our nice croupier gives you hints of its origin, take a chance and bet on a choice of possible of answers in front of you. We can do the tasting of different wines: from Spain, from the world…reds, whites, sparkling,…

    • The Snacks of the World Game

      A selection of appetizers from worldwide. Would you be able to tell where they are from

    • The White and Sparkling Wines of the World Game

      After each hedonistic bite of sensual Caviar, we will taste different white and sparkling wines  from all over the world with the only purpose of pairing and enhance all the flavours in your mouth. Do not get lost in this lustful status as you must continue playing and betting with the helpful tips that our [&hellip

    • The Gin Tonic Game

      Blind tasting of 4 gin tonics (tasting amount) made of gins from different countries, each one with a special and different touch that will surprise you. We will use gins from different types: flowery-fruity, spiced and the classical citric

    • The Gin Tonic Aromas Game

      How often you have you been tasting a gin tonic, wine, whisky or any other drink, and you think “I know what that aroma is” but you just cannot put a name to it, even though it’s on the tip of your tongue….. literally. You will have to guess, and bet on a collection of [&hellip

    • The Whiskey Aromas Game

      How often have you been tasting and smelling a whisky, wine or any other drink, and you think “I know what that aroma is” but you just can not put a name to it, even though it’s on the tip of your tongue….. literally?. You will have to guess, and bet on a collection of [&hellip

    • The Auction

      By the end of the Casino Gourmet use you chips to bid, compete, make your alliances to get the best gifts back home and leave your colleagues broke!