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Caviar Tasting

Caviar & CasinoGourmet

Caviar is Sturgeon Roe, a delicate and select gourmet speciality with centuries of age.

The Caviar comes from different Sturgeon Roe such as Beluga, Osetra, Baeri or Sevruga.

Casino Gourmet & Caviar proposes you a unique and exclusive Wine and Caviar pairing game. The pleasure of tasting, the exhilarating world of Casinos, the satisfaction of learning while having fun,…

How to play: Participants are provided with some chips to allow them to play throughout animation, as real money must not circulate and a glass.

The Game:

  • The Caviar Game: Blind tasting of 5 types of Caviar and Fish Roe from different countries of the world. Taste their intense, creamy and rich flavor…there is no rush.  Delight with their evolving unctuosity. With the help of our expert, would you guess where they are from?
  • The Wines of the World Game: After each hedonistic bite of sensual Caviar, we will taste different white and sparkling wines  from all over the world with the only purpose of pairing and enhance all the flavours in your mouth. Do not get lost in this lustful status as you must continue playing and betting with the helpful tips that our croupier will provide you with.

The Auction

By the end of the Casino Gourmet use you chips to bid, compete, make your alliances to get the best and most exclusive gifts back home and… leave your colleagues broke!

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