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Casino in the Casino of Barcelona

Our Gourmet Casino in a traditional Casino

A new way of dinning, of having fun eating, learning and travelling with your senses.

An experience born to fulfill the expectations of our customers, who wanted to do an informal meal, in a fun way, dynamic and where they could foment the values of their teams at the same time as the strengthen relations and facilitate networking.

During our Gourmet casino participants taste, play and learn, while they have fun and eat a finger food dinner served by Casinos de Cataluña. At the end of the dinner, by the end of the Casino Gourmet use you chips to bid, compete; make your alliances to get the best gifts back home!

A different experience in the relax and elegant atmosphere of the Casino of Barcelona, casino of Tarragona and Casino of Perelada (Gerona).

Once the casino gourmet is finished, all participants are invited to spend their evening in the traditional Casino.

The Casino & Casino can be combined with:

Its flexibility and qualities make this experience a unique product for unique clients

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