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To experience, to have fun, to taste, to entertain, to learn, incentive, mesmerizing, icebreaker, energizer and much more.

The pleasure of  Tasting, the exhilarating world of Casinos, the satisfaction of learning while having fun,…

CasinoGourmet is the answer

It is a fun way to travel thru tastes and flavors of the World; playing, learning and competing in a relaxed way.

A gourmet entertainment, a team building, an event, an experience,..

An excellent entertainment tool to break the ice in a meeting, in a party, a wedding, an anniversary or any kind of celebration.

CasinoGourmet for events is an excellent opportunity to bring together employees from the same area or various departments in your organization or clients, create an experience for them to meet, and produce immediate and tangible results.

A new way for:

Product presentations
Team buildings

This highly informative tasting blends a host of surprising information with challenge, participation and a good slice of humor!

CasinoGourmet can be adapted to any moment of the event (before the meeting as an icebreaker, in the middle as a distraction or after as a team work), we can do it where you need it, anywhere in Spain, adapting it to all your needs.

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